CV: Polytechnic of Milan student who wants to work in M&A or sales and trading. SCORE=73%

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2010 – now BSc .Mathematical Engineering - Polytechnic of Milan

3rd year student. GPA: 28.62/30

Core courses: Calculus I: 30 cum Laude, Computer Science: 28, Statistics: 30 cum Laude, Fundamentals of Automatic Control: 30 cum Laude, Physics I: 28,

Calculus II: 30, Numerical Analysis: 30 cum Laude, Probability Theory: 28.

2005 – 2010 Scientific High School

Matura: 100/100

Core courses: Mathematics: 10, Physics: 10, English: 9, Italian: 10, Latin: 10.

Work experience

Sep-12 – Dec-10 Internship, Italian manufacturing firm

Supporting the IT team, I have helped develop the database of the ERP System of the company;

Directly reporting to the Business Development Manager.

Jul-10 – Aug-10 Summer Intern, German manufacturing firm

Involved in the Sales Department, I have followed the development of some business projects linked to steel tools such as presses, containers and stems;

Working in the Mechanical Workshop, I have made quality controls directly on final products.

Jul-09 – Aug-09 Summer Intern, Dutch manufacturing firm

Working in the Technical Office as well as in the Dies Drawing Department, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the aluminium extrusion business.

Extra Curricular Activities

Private lessons of Mathematics and Physics to high school students, also in the summer;

Saxophone player

Clarinet player

Skills and Interests

Languages: Italian (native speaker), English (excellent), German (advanced);

Computer skills: Microsoft Office (advanced), C (intermediate), MATLAB (advanced),

R (intermediate), SQL (intermediate);

Our evaluator’s comments: 


Nadia Capy-Osgood, a seasoned graduate recruiter who’s worked at various investment banks, says:

This student also says he will be taking an MSc in Finance at LSE or Imperial starting 2013.  He is interested in a career in Sales & Trading or M&A.  He will therefore be looking for a full time position rather than an internship as he is effectively in his “final year” as a master’s is a one-year course.

He has an excellent academic score with strong quantitative skills and a good university.  His languages are strong – German and Italian both being desirable and an unusual mix.  He has a good range of internships in 3 different countries, however 2 of them were for a short period of time (only a month each – so were probably more of a work shadow experience rather than a hands-on internship).  His internships are not related to finance – this is why he has only scored 4 out of a potential 8 in this area). 

His extracurricular is interesting showing a good musicality mix with his quantitative background showing also evidence of strong communication, organisational and leadership skills from his maths coaching and founder / board member of the Musical Association (scoring 6/8 here).  

He scored 10/15 for “Presentation / Conviction and Overall impression” – this score would have been higher if he had included a cover letter covering some of the core competencies investment banks ask such as “Desire to work in the industry” “Understanding of the role applying for”   “Relationship Building and Networking”, “Resilience and Tenacity” and “Innovation”.  A cover letter is a great way to tell your interviewer / graduate recruiter more about yourself and to explain how your cv fits the role if it is not immediately obvious. 

Lastly, he noted an interest in Sales and Trading or M&A – for full time positions, graduates are better advised to apply for one area, as the competencies for these roles are quite different.  If he were applying for Sales & Trading – he would be advised to state whether he felt better suited to Sales or Trading and for M&A to show an industry or specific area of interest.  

 This cv would pass an initial screen and would be rated “Average” (out of Weak, Average, Strong and Excellent).  The score reflects the lack of finance related work experience.  If you were looking for a summer internship, your application form would have rated higher – however finance firms look for finance experience for full time candidate roles.  Your internships in different countries and your languages are desirable.  I would build on these more – eg look for roles where languages skills are required.  You could also consider applying for internships too and taking a year out – make sure it’s a productive year though (eg an overseas charitable project where you are part of a team).

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