Lunchtime Links: Between 2005 and 2010, Kweku Adoboli's pay went from £45k to £360k

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Do not let it be said that we're not accurate when it comes to estimating how much someone is paid. Back in September 2011, we suggested Kweku Adoboli would have been earning £370k at UBS. Today it emerges that he was earning £360k.

This seems extremely generous for someone who'd joined the bank only 6 years earlier, in a back office position on £45k. Adoboli didn't even move into the front office until 2007-8. At the time of his downfall he was a director on UBS's Delta One desk. The £360k was his total compensation for 2010 - a year in which UBS hired 2,100 people into its investment bank and paid them 13% per head more than the previous year.

UBS is suggesting that Adoboli could have cost the bank up to $12bn and that he was driven by an urge to, "increase his bonus, his status within the bank, his job prospects and his ego.”

Whilst outlandish, Adoboli's pay wasn't on a par with the most choking packages of the past. In 2007, Credit Suisse paid its 33 year old head of telecoms trading £4.6m and a 25 year old telecoms analyst at Dresdner earned £1m.  Those days are very over.


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