Lunchtime Links: UBS's gentlemen bankers fear their time has come

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The gentlemanly capitalists of UBS may have met their nemesis. It is a 48 year old multilingual Italian polyglot who likes to hold conference calls at 5am.

As we suggested earlier this week, the 90 investment banking redundancies at UBS appear to carry the fingerprints of Andrea Orcel, the new head of UBS's investment bank. Orcel was widely expected to bring a 'Lazard moment' to UBS and to clear out some of the senior bankers who've been there a long time. Today, Reuters suggests this is precisely what's transpiring.

"Subtle cultural changes," are afoot at UBS, suggests Reuters. Known for an "aggressive style," Orcel is at odds with the collegiate, gentlemanly culture in UBS's M&A business which dates back to SG Warburg and Sigmund Warburg's 'artisan banker' approach.  Orcel has already hired former BAML colleague Javier Oficialdegui to run the FIG team at UBS, and bankers say the culture there is shifting to become more "individual and client-driven," like Orcel himself.  From now on, they suggest the focus will be on big clients and revenue-sources rather than relationships alone.

The test of Orcel's determination to make his mark on the old guard will seemingly be the survival of Warburg alumni like Simon Warshaw, global head of investment banking at UBS. Many other former Warburg bankers have left to set up their own boutiques.

For the moment, UBS's M&A business seems likely to become a lot more political. Orcel is, "very tribal," said one senior UBS banker in London. He will surround himself with people he "trusts."


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