What does it take to get hired at Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Meet the new analyst class at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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Do you want to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch when you leave university? Are you wondering what it takes to get hired there? If so, you may be interested in who it's hired this year into its analyst (graduate trainee) and associate (MBA trainee) programmes.

Based on a detailed examination of the FSA register, we've amassed 15 names below. Needless to say, this isn't the full class - we've just added the individuals we've found information on. Things to note: almost everyone has done an internship previously; almost everyone has been to a top university.

1. Mrs Marta Amoros

Associate hire into market solutions from IESE business school

2. Mr Timothy Joshua Cao

Associate on the structured solutions team. Former summer associate.  American but speaks German, attended the University of Chicago Booth.

3. Mr Julian Foster

Former summer analyst, now US equity research salesperson. Studied at the University of Bristol BSc in Economics and French, was on the Bristol Athletic Union Committee.

4. Mr Alexander Purves

Flow rates sales, was a summer analyst. Has a BSc in maths from UCL.

5. Ms Sofia Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont

Joined as a commodity analyst in July 2012. Summer intern in 2011. Studied an MA in politics and economics at Edinburgh.

6. Mr Simon Roach

Rates trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch – joined July. Previously worked as a summer intern at Rotshchild for three months in 2010. Studied a Masters of Engineering at Oxford.

7. Mr Francesco Paolini

Ficc sales, studied at Esade Business School.

8. Mr Matthew James Grint

Joined as an analyst. Studied at the university of Manchester. Was an intern in 2011.

9. Mr Joshua Mark Samuel Bernstein

Analyst and money markets trader. Studied at the LSE. Completed an internship at Merrill in 2011

10. Miss Emily Katherine Ahlers

Equity trading analyst. Completed an internship last summer. Studied an M Eng at Cambridge.

11. Mr Benjamin Patrick Barr

Fund derivatives structuring, formerly an intern, studied at Bath University.

12. Mr Daniel Clement

Analyst, was a summer intern last year. 1st in chemistry from Oxford.

13. Mr Olivier Desberg

Analyst. Was a summer intern. Studied international business at the University of Warwick.

14. Mr David Michael Fitter

Analyst in equity derivatives. Studied physics at Durham.

15. Mr Dhruv Ghulati

Analyst, structured equity finance. Previously an intern. Has also interned at UBS, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan and set up a fresh food start up. Studied at the LSE.

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