Interview questions: ANZ, institutional banking and financial institutions, Internship

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Question: What are those characteristics of the candidates we are looking for, can you list down some?

Student’s answer:

-Employment experience with a customer service / retail focus

-An understanding of banking, financial and economic markets

-Customer relationship skills

Highly numerate

-Strong problem solving ability

-A focus on fostering innovation and continuous improvement

-Basic accounting knowledge

-Negotiation skills

-Strategic thinking

-An interest in pursuing a career in Investment Banking, I guess

Question: What do you know about ANZ investment banking business line: Institutional Banking and Financial Institutions?

Student’s answer:

It is segmented into specialist relationship teams to ensure the bank has a detailed understanding of its clients’ unique requirements and associated challenges. It provides customised products and financial service solutions to large corporate, multinational, institutional and government clients globally.

Question: What do you think about the role of investment banking and its contribution to the society?

Student’s answer:

I think most of the financial innovations are invented by investment banking, because of the demand of the market, and it try to satisfy all these demands. Traditional banking such as: mutual funds, pension funds, traditional banks need investment banking products because they want to integrate into the wholesale market and protect themselves with risk management tools. Because of those huge wholesale activities and well risk management, traditional banking brings benefits to shareholders, creditors, depositors, and of course the whole economy.

If you are accepted into this internship, what do you think it will look like? Tell me your imagination of a day with your internship?

Student’s answer:

I have did several internship at banks, I definitely have some experiences, but I also researched a lot on ANZ internships, so here are what I research and think it could be and should be:

-Assisting in the development of spreadsheets and financial models to evaluate client risk

-Preparing client reports and recommendations

-Providing economic and industry research

-Obtaining and analysing customer and market information

-Assisting in relationship management arrangements via client contact and recommendations

-Interacting with other parts of the Institutional business and critical support areas

-Gaining exposure to the general banking industry and operations of

-ANZ Assisting your manager and others in their team in the origination, mandating, execution and sell down of transactions and cross-selling of other ANZ products and services

-Undertaking administrative duties and liaising with other Business Units within ANZ

Question: I know that you want to be part of Institutional Banking and Financial Institutions business line, but do you know about other business line at ANZ investment banking?

Student’s answer:

Sure, they are ANZ Capital, Corporate Finance, Markets and Institutional Banking and Financial Institutions.

Question: Great, can you give me an example of our business line?

Student’s answer:

ANZ Capital - a market leader in the provision of private equity and leveraged debt capital to the mid-market sector in Australia and also have a strong advisory capability to assist with major strategic decisions facing corporate clients. It provides complex financing and advisory services in mergers & acquisitions, alternative assets, private equity and corporate leverage finance.