Interview questions: Julius Baer, technology, internship

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Question: Why did you apply to this bank?

Student’s answer:

First of all, I am definitely interested in how a bank integrates its daily businesses with technology and where I fit in. I have heard lots of stories from my seniors and friends working in the banking industry, such as long working hours and tough project assignments. I think I am ready for these and I am ready to take up the challenge.

Question: We need somehow who is interested in finance/banking industry other than just technology. You 2nd majored in a non-finance major, you don’t appear to have much interest.

Student’s answer:

Well, indeed, I second majored because i have interest in this area other than finance. I am not very good in finance I must say, but because I came from a management school, some of our core modules involved certain banking and finance related modules and hence, I believe that would help in the role I am applying for. I also do some FX trading and felt I have learned about the industry this way.

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