Late Lunchtime Links: The sad story of Aleksey Vayner, the man who wanted to work at UBS

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We've written a few times about Aleksey Vayner, the former Yale University student who became notorious for his outlandish self-promotional and yet seemingly non-ironic video resume in 2006. In this resume, still visible here, Vayner engaged in everything from bench presses to ballroom dancing, tennis and skiing, all in a quest to get a job in an investment bank (UBS specifically).

Unfortunately, Vayner's video resume backfired, serving only to make him a laughing stock. Vayner changed his name to Alex Stone in April 2012, and yesterday it was reported that he had passed away. The Daily Mail said the cause of death remains unclear but that he may have died of a heart attack following a drug overdose.

In the years after graduating from Yale, Vayner's LinkedIn profile suggests he spent six months contracting at Morgan Stanley but didn't achieve another position at a major investment bank. Before his death, Vayner (as Alex Stone) was editor of the Journal of Value Investing.


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