Deutsche Bank is looking for campus ambassadors!

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If you're a student who wants to ingratiate yourself with an investment bank whilst earning some money, you could always try assuming the role of a 'campus ambassador.'

Campus ambassadors are students who work on a bank's behalf to promote graduate career opportunities at that bank to their fellow students. They act as the go-between the bank's graduate recruitment team and the other students at their university - letting the students know when the bank is running recruitment events and letting the bank know what students think of it and what rival recruiters are up to.

On one hand, being a campus ambassador could be a little dispiriting - you're trying to persuade the best of your peers to apply. On the other hand, it provides an ideal opportunity to get to know more about a bank you might want to apply to and to network with the graduate recruitment team.

Deutsche Bank is looking for campus ambassadors now. It will pay up to £1k in 'incentive payments.' You'll need to be in the first year of a three year degree or the second year of a four year degree.  Click here for more information. Apply by March 10th.