Late Lunchtime Links: 10 jobs that pay good money beyond banking

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Given the difficulty finding banking jobs in the current environment and the popularity of articles advising unemployed bankers how to get back into the market, you may be wondering which other industries will pay you well. The Telegraph has some suggestions.

The following jobs are taken from the Office of National Statistics' Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. None pay quite as well as banking. However, some would argue that banking is a bit of a bubble.

All the figures below are for median gross pay:

1. Chief executives:  £85k, up 12%

2. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: £78k, up 14%

3. Medical practitioners: £71k, down 9%

4. Marketing and sales directors: £68k, up 2%

5. IT and communications directors: £64k, up 8%

6. Legal professionas: £61k, up 4%

7. Senior police officers: £59k, up 4%

8. Financial managers and directors: £55k, down 2%

9. Senior professionals of educational establishments: £50k, up 2.5%

10. Functional managers and directors: £48k, up 2%


BNP Paribas joins the Asia Pac investment banking hiring party, late. (WSJ)

RBC investment bankers keep leaving to work at Centrus Advisors. (Financial News) 

Deutsche Bankers to be told their bonuses this Valentine’s day. (MarketWatch) 

SocGen’s return on equity for 2012 was 7.3%. Its cost of equity was 11-12%. (BreakingViews)

Thomson Reuters is cutting headcount 4% this year. (Financial Times) 

I dream of a world in which a man can declare with pride: “I work for Barclays. I’m a BANKER.” (Financial Times)



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