Late Lunchtime Links: Where bond traders can still get hired in Asia

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The hiring is in Hong Kong

The hiring is in Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It's not all gloom in Asia. BNP Paribas is belatedly hiring 1,400 people on the continent. A Chinese bank is also hiring fixed income traders and salespeople.

Bloomberg reports that the overseas investment banking arm of Agricultural Bank of China is seeking a bigger share of the Dim Sum debt market and will therefore be hiring both salespeople and traders for its business in Hong Kong. ABC's hiring coincides with redundancies at both Morgan Stanley and Bank of America.

It seems that ABC may boost its capital markets business too. “In terms of fixed-income platform, we have hiring plans for sales and trading,”  executive director of global capital markets at ABC International in Hong Kong, told Bloomberg. “We aren’t looking for drastic expansion for deal origination for now, but I don’t rule out more headcount if business gets better.”


Britain has been outgunned on the EU bonus law. A maximum 2:1 ratio now looks inevitable. (Financial Times) 

Five senior bankers at RBS could share £6m as their 2010 bonuses vest. (Guardian)

George Osborne has said the government won’t be giving away RBS shares to the public before the next election. (The Times)

Renaissance Capital has made its global head of equity trading redundant. (Bloomberg) 

Commerzbank is cutting bonuses 17%. (BBC) 

Despite being overcrowded, Singapore wants to increase its population by 30%. (AlJazeera) 

Anthony Jenkins met his wife at Oxford and has stayed with her ever since. (Financial Times) 

San Francisco wants to be a renminbi trading hub too. (San Francisco Chronicle) 

Ex-head of high yield at Barclays has set up a bank to finance farmers with a friend from BNP Paribas. (The Sunday Times) 

The top mid-tier broker in London is now Numis, followed by Canaccord Genuity and Collins Stewart. (The Times) 

Deutsche Bank is thinking of clawing back Christian Bittar's bonus. ( 

10% of Britons have not taken any exercise for more than a decade because they’ve been too busy working. (The Times) 

One in every 30,000 people has an IQ of 160 or more. (WSJ)

Make your fortune selling fragments of meteorite. (Guardian)



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