Strangely, Morgan Stanley has been hiring for its fixed income business

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Morgan Stanley doesn't present as the bank most likely to hire fixed income traders in 2013. Morgan Stanley has said that it remains fully committed to its fixed income currencies and commodities business, but it has also been busy making fixed income salespeople and traders redundant and is said to have handed out unimpressive bonuses to bankers in the area.

Surprisingly, therefore, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) register of individuals working at Morgan Stanley in the UK, show that the bank made several moves to strengthen its fixed income business in January.

Over the past month, Morgan Stanley hired: Charles Sellam, a credit trader who previously spent four years at Deutsche Bank; Michael Wheeler, a credit trader who'd previously spent five years at Bank of America; Mariko Numakami, a fixed income futures trader from HSBC; and Deborah Danon, an emerging markets professional from UBS. It also brought on Trey Peacock, a junior interest rate swaps trader with no previous experience of working elsewhere.

Morgan Stanley didn't immediately return a request for comment.

Christian Robbins at search firm Cherry Bull said fixed income hiring seems more robust now than at the start of 2012. "Last year was all about cost cutting and hires had to be signed off at the very highest level. This year, there seems to be headcount approval," he said.

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