Late Lunchtime Links: VIP cocktail waitress shines light on secret Goldman partner event

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Last November, Goldman promoted 70 people to its partnership pool. Last month, Goldman held an exclusive ball to celebrate the elevation of its new partners. We know this because, photographs of the event were spotted by New York Magazine on the Instagram account of an attractive young New Yorker called Shannon Kelly.

Goldman isn't commenting much on the event, although a spokesman told NYC that it was a, "nice way to end a week full of meetings." Kelly, however, said the event was like the "Golden Globes of investment banking," and added a selection of photographs to Instagram [Kelly's photos have now been made private, but you can still see them here.]

Among other things the photographs reveal a mystery woman singing on stage, an assortment of half drunk glasses of wine next to a dollop of food, and an illuminated bar with a bush growing in the middle of it.

Kelly's LinkedIn account reveals her to be a former VIP cocktail waitress from the Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas, where she says she was tasked to 'Sell, UPSELL, serve beverages to a VIP clientele.' She's now the director of new business for an elite Manhattan dining venue.


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