Morning Coffee: More redundancies coming soon at Credit Suisse? Bad news for bankers holding out for salary increases

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Further deforestation coming at Credit Suisse

Further deforestation coming at Credit Suisse

As of yesterday, any Credit Suisse fixed income professionals who thought their jobs were safe because they avoided last year's cuts look sadly deluded.

Credit Suisse was one of the banks guilty of making non-festive layoffs in the immediate run up to Christmas. The Swiss bank cut 40 people in London during November and December, many of them in emerging markets and rates. The cuts appear to have been part of a well-publicized move to cut 65 jobs in fixed income following Credit Suisse's third quarter results. Unfortunately, more cuts now look likely.

Yesterday, Credit Suisse revealed plans to cut more deeply than previously intended. Layoffs were not mentioned specifically, but the Swiss bank said it plans to cut risk weighted assets in its 'non-strategic units' by 58% before the end of 2015, instead of the 41% previously cited. It wants to reduce leverage in the same units by 76% instead of the 52% previously intended. Within investment banking, Credit Suisse said rates trading forms the core of the non-strategic unit which also includes 'legacy fixed income' businesses and some private banking and asset management positions.

Separately, any London bankers who were hoping for higher cash payments to compensate for the European Union's bonus cap, seem destined to be disappointed. Yesterday, Sky News reported that HSBC won't be offering cash allowances to bankers affected by the cap. Instead, it will be paying them additional shares on a quarterly basis which will vest over five years. Barclays is said to be planning something similar. It seems the bonus cap won't do much to improve bankers' liquidity after all.


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