Morning Coffee: Saturdays off at Citi, which plans to hire 2,500 people

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Overworked junior members of Citi's IBD business who are preparing to work all today, all tomorrow, and all Saturday have been given some very good news: this is the last week they'll need to do that. From February 7th, Citi will be following in the footsteps of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse and offering its junior M&A and capital markets bankers mandatory Saturdays off.

As of next Saturday, Citi's juniors must be out of the office and not working from home between 10pm on Fridays and 10am on Sundays according to a memo published by Dealbreaker.  If they want to work during this time, they'll have to get permission from the head of their group.

Citi's policy looks distinctly similar to Goldman Sachs' policy. Goldman insists that its juniors vacate the office between 9pm on Friday and 9am on Sunday. Citi's move is less generous than Credit Suisse's admonition that young bankers get out of the way between 6pm on Fridays and 10am on Sundays. JPMorgan and Bank of America have gone for an alternative strategy of insisting that young people have one full weekend off a month (JPM) or four weekend days off a month (BofA).

As yet, there have been no moves to restrict working hours at the likes of Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley or the many mid-sized M&A houses known for their grueling hours. Nothing may  be forthcoming at Morgan Stanley, where James Gorman at Morgan Stanley has indicated that he's not really a believer in mandatory weekends off. Deutsche Bank is said to be concocting something, but bankers there are getting frustrated. “We are desperately trying to hire people at the senior associate and junior VP level and can’t find people willing to work here,” a source told our US editor earlier this week.

Separately, it seems Citi is doing some huge hiring in India. The Economic Times reports that the US bank want to hire 2,500 people on the sub-continent. Some of them will join its investment banking business. It's not clear whether they'll be working on pitchbooks while Citi's London and New York-based junior bankers spend Saturdays in bed.


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