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Morgan Stanley likes its juniors to come with teaching experience

What does it take to get an analyst job in an investment bank in London? Needless to say, it helps to have exceptional A Levels and academic achievements. It helps to have interned in banking almost before you could walk. And if you want to work for Morgan Stanley particularly, you will also need to have, "integrity, intellectual curiosity and the desire to work in a collegiate atmosphere".

So who are the intellectually curious, collegial, decent people that Morgan Stanley's hired onto its analyst programme in London? The U.S. bank has just registered some of its 2014 analyst class with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. If you want to work for Morgan Stanley, this is the kind of person it hires.

1. David Israelsson

David Israelsson just joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst in the markets division. He was a summer intern at the bank in 2013 and studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he completed both a Bachelors in Management Engineering and Financial Mathematics and a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management. He speaks fluent French, taught finance for five months to students in Stockholm, and spent some time studying in Hong Kong. Israelsson also spent more than two years working as a sales agent and equity trading support specialist at Nordea before he went to university.

2. Vandit Shah

In truth, Vandit Shah isn't an entirely new analyst at Morgan Stanley - he joined the bank's 2013 analyst class in New York and has just transferred to London as a currencies and emerging markets strategist. As usual, Shah was a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley in the year before he turned up full time (ie. in 2012). He studied at a top-name school (Wharton). And like Israelsson he also taught finance himself while he was there. Also like Israelsson, he studied abroad for a few semesters (in his case at Oxford). And again like Israelsson, he had experience of working for different banks (he also interned at Citi and HSBC).

3. Eoin Callaghan

Eoin Callaghan joined Morgan Stanley's markets business in July after interning in the area in summer 2013. A graduate of University College Dublin (BSc Economics and Finance) and Imperial College London (MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering), Callagan achieved a straight A in all his written exams at Imperial and was a scholar while he was in Dublin. He was also co-head of the Irish Entrepreneurship forum and (like Shah and Israelsson), spent some time teaching (financial mathematics to secondary school students).

4. Frederik Hendriksen

Frederik Hendriksen joined Morgan Stanley's 2014 analyst class in equity sales trading. He too was a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2013. He too studied at a top school (London School of Economics in 2010). He too also studied at other international institutions (Copenhagen Business School, University of Richmond). But most importantly, he's an entrepreneur. - Before joining Morgan Stanley, Hendrikson spent four months as 'entrepreneur in residence at Groupon', and 10 months as 'business development manager' at Shopbox. He also spent four months as a sales person for a leasing company. - If you want to work in sales trading, it seems that all sales-related experience helps.

5. Aidean Kingston 

Aidean has a first class degree in economics and finance from University College Dublin and joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst on the programme sales trading desk. As ever, he was an intern at the bank in summer 2013. Like Hendriksen and like Callagan, Kingston was a player in the entrepreneurs society at university (specifically, he was part of the Irish Entrepreneurship Forum and head of investors at the UCD Investors and Entrepreneurs Society). He has a heap of academic scholarships and awards and was a member of the Junior Irish Kickboxing team back in 2010...

6. Hillary Singer 

Hillary Singer is that seemingly rare thing across all banks' analyst classes - a woman! Even more unusually, she studied in the U.S..

More typically, Singer studied at a top university (Harvard). She studied mathematics and economics. And she spent two years as a teaching fellow in Harvard's Mathematics department. She has a welter of awards for academic excellence and she's also interned in risk management at the Chilton Investment Company. She's joining Morgan Stanley as an analyst in fixed income sales.

In conclusion, it seems that Morgan Stanley likes to hire:

  • People who've been summer interns
  • People who've studied abroad or have some experience outside their home country
  • People who've shown an interest in entrepreneurialism
  • People who've spent time teaching others
  • People who aren't UK nationals (at least, it seems none of those in the list above are).


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