Morning Coffee: Where Goldman hires from in Europe. 37 year-old banker complains of lazy, arrogant 22 year-old analyst

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If you want to tap a university alumni network and get a job at Goldman Sachs, where should you be knocking? If you're based in Europe, it will help if you're an alumnus of the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, or Imperial College.

This is the takeaway from an article on Business Insider. The site looked at LinkedIn profiles of Goldman staff and concluded that the bank globally employs 420 people from the London School of Economics, 303 from Oxford, 300 from Cambridge, and 248 from Imperial College London. The London School of Economics ranked as Goldman's most second most favourite college in the world - coming only narrowly behind New York University, which has furnished the bank with 428 of its current employees.

Separately, senior bankers seem to be hitting back against the empowerment of juniors. The Financial Times' latest Lucy Kellaway agony column concerns an anonymous 37 year-old male banker who complains that the graduate trainee who joined his team in December is, "arrogant and lazy." Worse, when the complainant attempted to tackle the youth, he says the 22 year-old, "used a 360-degree assessment to question my leadership style." As a result, the 37 year-old now been told that he must do more to, 'nurture talent.' Kellaway has yet to respond, but readers are advocating that the older banker treat his junior with respect - he'll probably be working for him in five years' time.


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