This senior Goldman Sachs analyst has just quit for an industry role

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In another example of senior equity research analysts quitting the industry to take up a role in industry, David Roman, who leads the U.S. medical technology team at Goldman Sachs in New York, has just joined a medical devices firm as vice president.

Roman, who was a managing director at Goldman Sachs, joined Baxter International Inc as a vice president earlier this month. He worked at Goldman Sachs from May 2009 when he joined as a vice president from Morgan Stanley.

Roman was both head of the U.S medical technology team within Goldman’s global investment research division and co-deputy business unit leader in its healthcare team. He also had responsibility for recruiting for Goldman’s research division at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied French and International Economics from 2000-2004.

Roman is the latest senior analyst to switch across to industry as research is shaken up in investment banking. Earlier this month, Dave Francis, managing director and head of U.S. healthcare IT and distribution equity research, left to become chief financial officer at private healthcare exchange, eHealth Inc.

Meanwhile, James Collins, a retail research analyst at Stifel Financial, is now head of investor relations at J Sainsbury in the UK and Richard Burden, a managing director in insurance research at Credit Suisse, is now head of investor relations at Zurich Insurance.


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