An unlikely J.P. Morgan associate just got the top job in PE

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As we noted last week, some of the best private equity jobs in London right now are with the world's largest technology fund. - The $100bn Vision Fund run by Japanese telecommunications firm Softbank.

Rajeev Misra, the ex-Deutsche Bank trader who runs the fund, has shown a proclivity for hiring former colleagues from Deutsche. However Misra's also willing to contemplate junior hires from elsewhere, as evidenced by the recent arrival of Louis Cho, a former associate at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Cho's LinkedIn profile indicates that he joined Vision in May. As associates across London wonder what makes Cho so special, it's worth noting that he didn't come from the technology team in J.P. Morgan's investment banking division (IBD), as might be expected. - He spent his time at J.P. Morgan working in market risk and valuation.

Cho also neglected to complete the requisite two to three years in banking before leaving JPM for private equity. He joined J.P. Morgan in October 2016 and left again eight months later.

What made Cho so appealing? It might be his first class degree from the London School of Economics. It might also be his CFA qualification.

More likely, though, it's the fact that before joining J.P. Morgan, he spent three years working at Deloitte, where he covered Pan-European structured credit in the investment management and private equity team. This team at Deloitte advises private equity clients on buyouts using structured credit vehicles. Given that most of Misra's hires are ex-credit traders from Deutsche, Cho was clearly considered a good fit.

The Vision Fund reportedly plans to hire "dozens of people". So far, it's thought to have around 20 employees spread between Mayfair, San Francisco and Tokyo.


Photo credit: Summit by Andrea Cavallini is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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