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The 2019 Goldman Sachs Managing director list

Goldman Sachs' new MD list is go. The names are below. It's short, but not that short: 465 people were promoted this year, down from 509 in 2017 when Goldman promoted its biggest ever MD class, but up from 425 in 2015. 

There are a few top-line things to know. Unsurprisingly, more and more of Goldman's MDs are from the millennial generation: in 2017 44% were, but this year millennials are a majority at 62% of the new recruits. 

Goldman still loves to grow its own: 66% of the new MDs started out as either analysts or associates. This is exactly the same proportion as in 2017. On average, the new MDs have been at the firm 10 years.

Women are a higher proportion of MDs this year - 29% (which is the highest proportion ever) versus 24% at the last promotions in 2017.

There are plenty of Asians on the list (26%), but there aren't so many hispanics (2%), which ties-in with Goldman's diversity data suggesting it's hard to make it to the top levels of the firm with a hispanic background, which is kind of sad.

Most of the new MDs (53%) are in the United States, with another 31% in Europe and 16% in APAC. As the chart below shows, this correlates roughly with the distribution of revenues in the first nine months of the year, although it seems to be easier, in revenue terms, to make MD in Europe and Asia than in the U.S...

(We're updating this page as we go along, so keep refreshing for more information)

Goldman Sachs' MDs 2019

Rashid Abdalla, London 
Angela Abramian-Katz, NY
Meredith Adams, NY, operations 
Keren Adan, NY, conflicts resolution in executive office
Vikas Agrawal, NY, head of alternative energy investing 
Mike Ahern, NY, technology fellow, cloud specialist 
Edward Ainsworth, London 
Danny Akerman, Israel, head of TMT banking 
Temidayo Akinola
Aaron Albert, NY 
Eyas Aldossari, head of IBD Saudi Arabia
Marsha Alexander, head of investor relations, GSAM
Daniel Alger, NY urban investment group 
Asad Ali, London. IBD consumer retail 
Brendan Ames
Dipam Amin, NY 
Rebecca Anderton-Davies, London, client relationship management and strategy 
Junnosuke Ando, Sydney, principal investments 
Ash Ang, Hong Kong investment banking 
Timothy Arblaster, London head of commodities structuring strats
Kenan Arkan, energy sales, London 
Patrick Armstrong, NY, leveraged finance 
Cameron Arrington, NY
Cindy Au
Anne-Victoire Auriault, NY, equities trading 
John Aurre, global head of margin lending 
Frederick Baba,  NY rates systematic market making 
Andrew Bailey
Tanya Baker, head of Accelerate
Victoria Baker-Duly, Nordic solutions group 
Venkatesh Balasubramanian, private wealth management 
Nick Baltas, head of R&D, systematic trading strategies
Maria Barron Baratech, emerging markets trader
Luke Barrs
Robert Bartlett, software and enterprise IBD, San Fran
Dennis Beeson, head of European structured credit investing 
Angus Bell, emerging market debt portfolio manager
Bob Bengtson, research 
Kerryann Benjamin, GS university 
Jeff Bernstein, merchant banking 
Adam Berry
Michel Beshara
Justin Betzen, special situations group, Texas
Praveen Bhagavathula, head of product pricing and analytics for Marcus 
Peter Biggs, equity sales 
Ersen Bilgin, co-head fixed income strats
Nathan Bird, head of operational risk 
Simon Birtwistle, equity derivatives automation strats
Barnali Biswal, leveraged finance trading 
Brittany Boals Moeller, private wealth 
David Bodenstein
Vanessa Bogaardt, London 
Kevin Boova, credit sales New York
Andrea Bora
Said Boujnah
Jeff Boyd
Rachel Boyd, head of HR Warsaw
Glyn Braganza, NY
Joyce Brayboy
Pierre Brunet
Keith Brunini, private wealth 
Steven Budig, merchant banking 
Francisco Cabeza, IBD Madrid 
Kimberly Carabetta, head of credit and interest rate operations 
Sarah Card, head of delivery and risk for Marcus
Marie Cardoen, GSAM
Gloria Carreno, 
Jonathan Carter, head of prime clearing technology 
Osmar Castellani Junior, IBD
Lucia Catalan, GSAM 
Federico Ceresole, PWM
Jeffrey Chao, Asian special situations 
John Chappell, global head of market data, London 
Yogesh Chati, surveillance analytics, India
Frank Chen, IBD 
Selina Chen, credit sales, Hong Kong
Hakim Cherrouk, IBD
Christopher Yiu Chung Cheung
Tak Cheung, compliance
Siddharth Chhabria
Liz Chick
James Chilcott, securities, London 
Jon Child, head of EMEA fund operations traditional assets 
Naveen Choppara, head of rates MENA
Leonard Chung, structured credit 
George Cole, economist 
Greg Collett, equity derivatives trading 
James Colletti, senior engineer
Kevin Conniff, prime brokerage sales
Simon Constant, equity structuring 
Charles Corke, FICC COO 
Krystal Cowan, client strategy group 
Ben Coward-Talbott, electronic trading 
Nerissa Cumberbatch
Ryan Cunn, NY 
Nadim Daban
Brook Dane, GSAM 
Abigail Darby, cross asset sales 
Michael Daub, credit trading 
Bill Davis, IBD real estate and gaming 
Christopher Dawe
Jeffrey Dawkins
Adam Dawson, principal investment 
Philipp de la Chevallerie, EMEA head of chemicals, Frankfurt 
Camille de Lamotte, head of origination, private capital, Paris
Frederik De Neree, private wealth management, London 
Joaquin de Soto, inflation trader, London 
Dan Deighton, commodities trader, NY 
Manuel Deijk, fnancing group, London 
Stefanie D’Elia
Lena Demashkieh, London 
Michael Dente, structured finance
Philippe Derimay, trading strategist
Bradley Diener, equity derivatives
Michel Dimitri
Angelo Diotisalvi, financing group 
Natalia Dobrinskaya
John Doherty
Matthew Doherty, head of CEEMEA DCM syndicate
Jerome Dortmans
Hamish Douglas, IBD
Crista Downey
Andre D’Souza, treasury 
Alexander Dupont, structured credit 
Brett Durick, IBD natural resources lev fin
Tsuyoshi Egawa
Gaudenz Eichenberger
Nnaemeka Eke, securitized derivatives origination 
Bill Elfsten, wealth management 
Abel Elizalde, credit market strat
Russell Elliott, strat
Scott Epperson, real estate finance
Robert Fama, equities strat
Meriem Feghoul, Paris
Xinyi Feng, principal investment, HK
Roger Fenningdorf
David Fernandez, San Fran, renewables
Morgan Fitzpatrick, structured product sales 
Ryan Flanagan
John Flood
Kellan Florio, real estate banking 
Kerry Flynn, compliance
Jeremy Follett, chief risk officer Asia operations
Anneliese Foster, London 
Fabrice Francois, Dubai IBD
Marissa Freund, IBD
Anders Furuhed, Stockholm, in charge of development for Pantor
Sebastien Gagnon
Timothy Galligan, head of ETF sales
Francesca Gardner, investment management 
Raj Garigipati, head of ETF portfolio management, quant strategies
Brian Garrett, derivatives
Douglas Gilman
Aaron Goldman, FX trader
Jeremy Goldman, engineer IBD syndicate
Sanyam Goyal, data scientist model risk India
Ricky Grant, IBD
Steven Gray, Canada
Jules Gruner, rates trader
Shao Ping Guan
Anushka Gupta, New York
Sonia Gupta, IBD, San Fran
Arvind Guruprasad, India
Itir Guvenc Mungan
Raymond Haagen, TMT banker
Andrew Haave, NY
Sylvia Hadjimamas, EMEA head of audit
Terry Hagerty, IBD
Sharon Hall, project finance
Jeff Haller, IBD
Scott Hankey
Sara Hanlon, IBD consumer retail 
Tom Haraldsson, IBD FIG
Alex Harman, co-head EMEA electronic trading 
Lauren Havens, derivatives confirmations
Ken Hayahara
James Hayward, growth equity 
Tom Healy
Victoria Hegan, systematic trading 
Michael Heller
Paula Hendrickson, fixed income sales
Evan Herring
Schuyler Heuer
Daniel Hibbert, global head of organizational design
Andrew Hine, financial sponsors, IBD
Megan Hogan, global head of diversity recruiting 
Yoomin Hong, IBD
John Hooton
George Horton
Dan Howard
Christine Hu, investment consulting
Katie Hyde
Nicole Irvin
Ahmed Ismail, commodities 
Kumar Iyer
Philip Jacob, equity derivatives
Raphaelle Jacquemin, equity structuring 
Rajan Jain, equity derivatives
Rich James, fx and emerging markets ecommerce
Marene Jennings
Kyle Jessen, technology IBD
Natasha Jhunjhunwala, quant trading
Brandon Johnson
Geddes Johnson, financial technology IBD
Milind Joshi, IMD sales technology 
Sojin Jung
Amy Jupe
Michael Kagan
William Kallop
Jordan Kaufman, structured credit 
Charlotte Keenan, corporate engagement 
Maxime Kennel, IBD
Aron Kershner
Ronald Keung
Eugene Khafizov
Feroz Khosla
Kieron King
Tom Knott
Simon Knowles, asset management technology 
Sarah Kong
Scott Konicki
Robert Koslow, equity derivatives 
Kunal Koya
Elisabeth Kozack, partnerships, product strategy and customer experience, Marcus 
Joanna Kozlowski, HR business partner to IBD
Kristin Kramer, capital introduction 
Jason Kreuziger, growth equity investment
Daniel Krinsky
Kristin Kuney, portfolio manager
Casey Laflamme
Beyrouthawit Lakew, portfolio manager
Mikael Lang
Mark Langham, global futures trading technology 
Francesca Lau
Karmen Lau
Victoria Ledda, investment research technology 
Adrian Lee
Sara Lee
Niall Leguillon
Chip Lemkau, wealth management 
Marie Claire Lennon
Matthew Leskowitz, healthcare IBD
Ryan Lester
Curtis Leung
Jacky Leung, IBD Asia, TMT/internet
Giulia Lewandowski, Paris
Christian Lhert, equity linked origination Asia
Aihua Liang, market risk 
Chi-Yu Liang, family office team
Mony Lim, funding and capital optimization 
Nyan Lin, technology fellow New 
Tobias Lindemann
Jon Lindgren
Ada Liu, equity strats
Adrian Loh, private wealth 
Syida Long
Lorenzo Pasquale Longo, delta one 
Alexandre Lucas
Michelle Luk, rates trading
Amanda Lynam, credit strategist
Chris Lyon
Srivats Madhavan, developer
Alok Madhukar
Devasish Majumdar
Salome Makharadze, merchant banking 
Shun Manabe
James Mann
Todd Mansfield
Corey Maple, municipal bond sales
Ivan Martinez
Farzad Mashayekhi
Morad Masjedi, GSAM
Michael Mastropaolo, GSAM
Moe Matar, Marcus, head of cloud development 
Colin Mathews, leveraged finance
Ritesh Mathur, technology fellow 
Brooke Mayne, private wealth
Jordan McCallum
Mark McCaskill, private wealth
Catherine McCormack, IBD
Paul McGregor
Andrew McLennan, ESSG strats
Brian McMahon
Nehal Mehra
Ramiro Menchaca, head of sales, Mexico
Mark Midle, growth equity 
Giuseppe Milicia, FX algo trading
Kristin Milot
Yusuke Minowa
Aric Mizrahi
Sherry-Ann Mohan
Stacy Mohr
Mohammed Mohsinali, technology fellow 
Helen Moloney
Matthew Mottram
Richard Mulley
Ken Murata, IBD, strategic solutions financing 
Sarah Murray, head of EMEA MAPS sales
Usman Naeem, equity derivatives
Soumik Nandy
Satish Narang
Vijay Narayanan
Jamil Nathoo
Joseph Natoli
Sean Navin, sales trading, HK
Aziz Ndiaye, equity linked origination
Ryan Newman
Sara Nielsen
Eyal Nirenberg
Quinn O’Bryen, Equities Execution and Prime Services Operations
Joanna Obstoj
Jackie O’Connor
Nonso Ogbonna, senior engineer
Laide Oginni
Mari Oishi, FIG IBD
Scarlett Omar-Broca, merchant banking 
Enrico Orlandi
Jean Otrakji
Edouard Panie
Francesco Papa
Pratik Pareek
Gemma Parrott
Atul Pawar, risk
Arnaud Payement
Yuriy Podoshev, rates trading technology 
Mitesh Popat, GSAM
Matthew Popper
Arnaud Porchet, GSAM
Nicole Poulson
Joseph Pozzi
Anant Prasad
Frederic Pripp, equity derivatives 
Chaitra Purushotham
Benny Quek, head of equity sales Singapore
Conor Quinn
Thomas Radberg
Stephanie Raimo
Kamal Ramnani, CLO trading
Michael Rand
Olivia Rascoe, private wealth
Jibraan Rasheed
Varun Rastogi, leveraged finance
Seth Reagen
Nikhil Reddy, equity derivatives
Adil Rehman
Elaine Rene, credit risk 
Salveen Richter, equity research 
Fabian Riedel, IBD Germany
Helen Rigley, risk
Joe Ritchie
Ilan Rochman
David Rockliff, head of credit sales
Pearl Rodrigues
Mark Romanczuk
Mairin Rooney
Delia Rosoga
Ranjith Roy
Mark Ruffles
Benjamin Runnacles
Ashley Ryan
Eric Ryckman, Strat
Takeshi Saito
Sushil Sancheti, regional head securities portfolio 
Neha Santiago, REPIA
Vijay Saraswat, technology fellow 
James Sarvis, corporate treasury strategist 
Christian Schaefer, merchant banking 
Heather Schuyler, asset servicing 
Katelyn Seager, structured credit 
Gowri Sekar, technology 
Chris Semones, principal investing 
Vikram Sethi, product control 
Hui Shan
Adi Sharma
Praharsh Sharma, fixed income strat
Nicole Sharp, head of corporate communications, global investment banking 
Inna Shaykevich, EMEA liquidity products
Jenna Shen
David Shih, coprorate derivatives
Michael Shin, technology 
Aekloveya Shyam, IBD
Haris Siddiqi, FICC sales
Adam Siegler, head of private investor group Americas
John Sienkiewicz, GSAM
Craig Singer, investor relations
Peter Smith
Brian Snyder
Tejas Sodha, senior engineer, India
Doug Spencer
Mark Spitzer
Anushree Srivastava, commodities technology 
Christian Stassen, macro trading Hong Kong
Holger Staude, growth equity 
Emily Stecher, GSAM
Becky Steinthal, FIG ECM
Samuel Su
Vivek Sukhatme, rates trading
Danny Suwanapruti, rates
Andy Tai, TMT banking 
Stephanie Tan, head of security for Marcus
Kei Tanaka
Jacky Tang, head of portfolio management group 
Hekmat Tannous, emering markets and crypto currencies 
Michael Tarulli, IBD
Luigi Tavella, sales
Archana Tayade, head of corporate services, India
Emma Taylor, TMT banking 
Lori Taylor, credit risk 
Asher Teren, project manager
Gurtaran Thethi, developer, India
Jonathan Thomas, global head of sanctions group 
Neil Thomas
Bryn Thompson-Clarke, trader
Todor Todorov, macro structuring 
Steven Torbeck
Sidney Tordjman
Stephen Tripi
Clemens Tripp
Michael Trokoudes, head of EMEA risk governance and enterprise risk 
Jason Tsang, IBD
Christian Tschirdewahn, leveraged finance
Candice Tse, head of US market strategy
Vicki Tung, global head of campus recruiting
Mateo Ugas, IBD
Alekhya Uppalapati, TMT banking 
Rucha Vaidya, mortgage security valuation 
Steven Valentic, futures sales
Peter VanDeventer
Kyle VanFleet, IBD
Alexandre Virolle
Christopher Volmut, payments engineering 
Neel Vora, equity derivatives
Danielle Walsh
Jordan Walter
Bingwen Wang
Phyllis Wang, ECM syndicate 
Zac Wang
Brandon Watkins, emerging internet investment banking 
James Weaver, private wealth 
Deborah Wei*
Steven Weiss, IBD
Robert Whelan, product control GSAM
Andrew White
Anna Whitlow, derivatives sales trading 
Eva Maria Wiecko, IBD Frankfurt 
Liz Wilcockson, tax operations
Lennart Wilhelm, head of German operations 
Rob Williams
Henry Willoughby
Jim Wiltshire, European special situations group 
Maggie Wojcik
William Wolcott, macro credit trading 
Jean Xu
Xiao-ou Kevin Xu
Susan Yan
Julien Yoo
Wael Younan
Laura Young
Nick Young
Ali Zaidi
Kirill Zavodov, European special situations 
Thilo Zeidler, bond trading 
James Zhang
Wanjing Zhang
Yun Zhang, APAC rates structuring 

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.