Jagjit Mundi, Corporate Financier

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6.15am The clock radio goes off and I am woken up by the 'dulcet' tones of John Humphries haranguing a hapless politician - there's nothing like a bit of confrontation to get one going in the morning!

7.00am Carry my 8 month old daughter down from her nursery, hand her to my wife and say goodbye to both. Jump in the car and drive to the office. En route I speak to a lawyer in Australia on a deal one of my clients is involved in there. Arrive in the office and have a couple of minutes at my desk before my first meeting.

7.30am Attend the weekly wholesale markets forum at which we discuss operations and what is going on in the markets and within Investec that week. 8.30am Meeting with a client whom we are advising on their flotation early next year. They would be one of the first new issues to go straight onto Techmark so amongst other things we discuss its merits.

10.15am 15 minutes late for a Working Capital meeting with a client, who is in the middle of a transaction we are advising them on, and their accountants. Had to tell the accountants they weren't pulling their weight again - I obviously fancy myself as a &quotToday&quot presenter!

11.30am Grab 15 minutes at my desk to catch up on telephone messages and e-mails, including several from the corporate finance division of Investec in South Africa and a five minute call with a client who believes he is about to be on the receiving end of an unwelcome bid.

11.45am Internal meeting with colleagues in corporate finance, research and sales to prep ourselves for a pitch that lunchtime for the flotation of a UK telecoms consultancy business. This is a business which we have known for some time as we have always taken the view that for the research teams to understand fully their markets, they have to know everyone in it - right from FTSE 100 companies through to unlisted companies. It's also a great way of getting our feet in the door with pre-float candidates.

12.45am The prospective telecoms client arrives - all six members of the Board attend. As the pitch is over lunch, it takes an informal air. Despite that we are asked some tough questions - these guys are nobody's fools. For a company that has been in existence only a short time it has had the most amazing growth and has the potential to be a real success story.

2.30pm Get back to my desk and do a final run through and sign-off off my slides for a Techmark seminar I am speaking at in Henley tomorrow. Its being run by Nabarro Nathanson for its hi-tech clients in the M4 &quotSilicon Valley&quot corridor! My co-speakers include the Head of Business Development at Techmark from the London Stock Exchange. My speech is intended to give a market view of Techmark - quite difficult when it was only launched a month ago! We have over 10 clients who are already on Techmark and have seen them significantly outperform the FTSE Allshare and FTSE 100 indices in a relatively short time.

3.00pm Join several colleagues for an underwriting committee meeting for an equity fundraising for an existing client being announced tomorrow. There are ten of us there including colleagues in compliance, risk, sales research corporate finance, and the CEO of UK operations, representing the Group. We discuss how due diligence is proceeding, the shape of the book and, following my meeting this morning, an update on working capital. Demand for the issue is strong and it is heavily oversubscribed. We decide to underwrite.

4.30pm Get back to my desk in time for a lengthy conference call with a client, and one of our analysts. The client is in the media sector and is currently in the US exploring various business development opportunities there. This call is to discuss the outcome of some of those meetings and our advice on the next stage.

5.15pm Catch up on more calls and e-mails that have come in over the afternoon, finally catch up with my secretary, confirm my diary for tomorrow and look through a few documents for sign-off.

6.00pm Join a colleague to interview a possible recruit. At present we are interviewing a lot of people as the department is rapidly expanding. However, finding people with the necessary skills and experience is a constant challenge.

7.00pm Get back to my desk and again catch up on telephone messages and e-mails. As I will be attending a completion meeting that is going to go on late, I am going to go home to see my family for a couple of hours

7.30pm Leave the office. On the way home I make a couple of calls, one to a client about a forthcoming acquisition and another to a colleague about the outcome of one of his meetings earlier in the day. Both calls were fortunately &quotwithout incident&quot.

7.50pm Get home and have a relatively relaxed hour and a half with my wife and daughter (thank goodness my daughter is still young enough to have flexible sleeping patterns).

9.15pm Leave home for the second time today. On the way back in, I ring the lawyer in Australia with whom I was speaking to this morning and we discuss developments that have happened at our end during our working day.

9.35pm Get back to the office and join clients, colleagues and various representatives of the client's lawyers and accountants for a completion meeting in relation to the deal we agreed to underwrite. The meeting will last well into the night so that the deal can be announced first thing in the morning before the markets open.