Richard Munton, Venture Capitalist

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7am: Get up, have breakfast with my two boys. We talk about their prospects for the rugby game that day, or it could be cricket in a different season. They are keen. Also try and remind them of the other reasons why they go to school.

8.15am: Catch a train, read the newspapers, catch up with what is going on in the business and financial world.

9am: In the office. Round up the overnight faxes, reluctantly check the emails. Not my preferred form of communication, so I tend to read them but not send them.

9.30am: Meeting with chairman of IPC to discuss developments within the company. In January 1998 we led a management buy-out of IPC Magazines from Reed Elsevier for 860m. On acquisition IPC published 67 titles in 26 market sectors. In October 1998 IPC magazines purchased LH Media, a smaller publisher of UK consumer magazines. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of our purchases and have a particular interest in the development of the group's internet activities. IPC recently launched IPC Electric to pull together all its internet business, with Hewlett Packard and BT as business partners.

10.45am: Call from a headhunter about the recruitment of a finance director for a Midlands engineering company in our portfolio.

11.05am: Call from an Italian group interested in buying part of one of our engineering businesses.

11.30am: Call from an investment bank advising on a new opportunity and assessing our interest in a business it is mandated to sell. I spend a great deal of time on the telephone.

12pm: Spend some time reading a wide variety of information, memoranda, papers on ideas presented by investment banks. Have informal conversations with colleagues Andrew Marchant, Dominic Murphy and Gordon Moore, who, like myself, have a particular responsibility for the industrial manufacturing sector. We keep in close touch on a variety of matters.

1pm: The head of investment banking at one of the US bulge-bracket banks and the head of its financial sponsors team arrive for lunch. They bring us opportunities and they want advisory work and financing. What we want is proactive deal origination introductions, innovative financing and quality advice. We mostly do lunches at Cinven as it is more private, saves time and is also more hospitable. It gives people a chance to get to know us.

2.30pm: Meeting with another investment bank to agree terms for a piece of advisory work - an acquisition search for an investee company. The fees are agreed individually each time.

3.45pm: Quick call to wife with mobile on the touchline to check on the score.

4pm: Go through travel arrangements with my secretary for later in the week for trip to review new investment in Germany.

4.15pm: Meeting begins with a veritable sea of lawyers working on our consortium bid for United Biscuits, to prepare our offer for posting and prepare the legal documents for display. These meetings are very time consuming and can be extremely frustrating as they involve so many individuals and details. This one goes on for eight hours.

9pm: Grim pizzas arrive in cardboard boxes.

12am: It suddenly dawns on me that there is no point in attempting to go home as it will be an early start in the morning. Call home. Attempt to find a room in a London hotel, end up at The Howard at Temple, exhausted.

2am: Head down at last. This sort of day only happens a few times a year but that is enough!