Rebranded banks look to IT stars

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According to recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, banks' upbeat re-branding and offers to retrain in new programmes are likely to help attract IT stars disillusioned with dot-coms.

'Banks are trying to lose their stuffy image. Deutsche Bank's recent campaign emphasised that the bank has left the pinstripes behind,' says Mark Dixon of Robert Walters.

Dixon says that UBS Warburg has been among the most innovative in offering cross training.

'A lot of people with knowledge of C&#43&#43 are being retrained in Java.'

Retraining marks a new approach to IT recruitment.

Last year banks were paying to attract Java developers from elsewhere. Remuneration increased as a result.

Leaving pay for entry level programmers began at 30,000 and pay for high fliers was in the region of 150,000.

Robert Walters expects pay to stabilise at this level in 2001.