Students dream of sharing riches

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The survey of more than 800 college and university students around the world, including UK participants, was conducted by Ernst & Young.

Only 25% of students think they will never become millionaires. Almost 90% think it important to share the wealth they hope to accumulate with their community and 81% see family and friends as top priority in balancing their work and personal lives.

Kevin Russell, head of media at E&Y, says: &quotIt's fascinating to take the temperature of a new generation. We want to be in tune with the next generation of employees and this survey provides us with a snapshot of the way values are changing.

&quotTechnology is a key driver and it's prompted us to establish our People Value Framework, so that we can take into account the new approaches young people are taking to work and life.

&quotThere's been a switch from a helter-skelter pursuit of money to an ambition to balance work with the need for family and friends.

&quotWe're dealing with a new generation who are highly mobile and well-informed about technological change. We want to recruit the best from the pool and that means being informed about their aspirations.&quot

Responses showed the students were at home with technology - 91% use the internet on a daily basis, 61% say e-mail is their favourite technology tool and 23% have a mobile phone.

Palm pilots, software organisers and pagers are also popular.

57% of students have downloaded music from the internet, but 54% believe the recording industry is right to argue some internet services infringe copyright.

Students are optimistic about women's future in the professions, with 30% considering that women have successfully broken through the &quotglass ceiling&quot and 56% think women are close to breaking through.

42% of students didn't think the corporate world was doing enough to attract and retain a diverse workforce and 64% said it was important to them to work for a diverse organisation.

The survey was carried out by Lewis Ting, global managing partner of human resources at Ernst &Young, who says: &quotWe recognise that in order to succeed in a global marketplace we need to attract the best and most talented people.

&quotYoung people entering the workforce with the courage and skills to challenge what has been done in the past are the most likely to drive change and enhance our success and effectiveness in the future.&quot

Ernst & Young's website has information about their career opportunities:

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