Tullet & Tokyo Liberty rebuts allegation of racism

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Tullet & Tokyo's lawyer, Sinclair Cramsie, said that the request for Weinberger to wear the uniform was not &quothostile or malicious&quot. He argued that such jokes and costumes were necessary to develop &quotan aggressive and productive atmosphere&quot.

Weinberger's lawyer, Makbool Javaid of DLA, who is claiming racial discrimination against Tullet & Tokyo, argued that the intention behind the &quotjoke&quot was irrelevant. Discrimination, legally defined as less favourable treatment, is illegal and the company was well aware that Weinberger is Jewish, Javaid said.

When asked why he remained in an environment that he considered to be racist, Weinberger said: &quotI'm a father with two children and I have a wife to take care of.&quot

There is another hearing on March 13 and the case will be fully heard on June 26, 2001. There is no limit on damages that could be awarded.