ABN given deadline on Conlon case

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The order was made last week by an appeals panel of the Employment Tribunal following an earlier tribunal decision not to make a disclosure order against the bank. ABN Amro must also make a sworn disclosure statement stating that the documents it produces are all that exist relevant to the case. The tribunal would not agree to strike out the bank's appearance in the action.

Conlon is bringing the unfair dismissal case under the Public Interest Disclosure Act - the 'whistleblower's act'.

Documents being sought by Conlon fall into two categories: any that concern his dismissal in January 1999 and those that were produced during the 'midsummer investigations' in 1998 into Conlon's allegations that the bank was involved in insider trading and market manipulation on behalf of clients.

The bank has already produced eight reports that were made during these investigations. It strongly denies Conlon's allegations and says the investigations were closed with the knowledge of regulatory authorities. The main hearing starts next Monday at Stratford, east London.