In defence of headhunters

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Pretending to be an individual's gynaecologist (one ruse Mr Sampson dutifully points out) may get you put through to the target individual however, will they really choose to meet with you and engage in dialogue when they discover that you are not calling about the latest smear test but are a headhunter representing a bank with a specific role in mind? Probably not.

'Headhunters create job market fluidity, but it is the tactics they use that disrupt business processes,' says Richard Moule.A skilled headhunter does not disrupt but enable business flow by first understanding the business he or she is recruiting for, then delivering motivated, competent individuals in the most aggressive time-frame possible.

Moule and Sampson need to lift their sights out of the bargain recruitment bin and take the time to find out how skilled and successful headhunting companies work in London and further afield.They might learn a thing or two.

(Yes, I am a headhunter.)


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