Family link at Lussi's firm

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Caroline Wiget, the daughter of Lussi's wife, has been working at Clearstream as a senior HR manager. Her boss, Robert Massol, head of HR at Clearstream, was suspended last week along with Lussi and Carlos Salvatori, a senior director at the firm, in the wake of the investigation into alleged money-laundering by the Luxembourg authorities.

Wiget's role and relationship to Lussi has raised eyebrows at Clearstream. Initially, Clearstream refused to comment on her existence or links to Lussi. One source said: 'It is quite unusual and it has caused a little bit of concern.' There is no suggestion that Wiget, who is away on a training course while her stepfather takes the heat, is implicated in the investigation in any way.

The investigation by the Luxembourg authorities is understood to cover the way in which Clearstream employed and paid its staff.

One source close to the investigation, which is entering its third month, said that the authorities were 'investigating not only Clearstream client accounts, but also its own accounts, which it used for paying its costs, salaries and expenses'.

He said that during the investigation, he had come across allegations relating to irregularities in Clearstream's own accounts. He stressed that the thrust of the investigation was into money-laundering. 'When serious allegations of money-laundering are made, they must be investigated because the whole credibility of Luxembourg as a financial centre is at stake,' he said.

Clearstream has denied the allegations of money-laundering and pledged to co-operate with the investigation.