How much am I worth? European equities analyst, TMT

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A panel of specialist headhunters give their assessment of typical pay packages:

Salary of European equities analyst, TMT: 70,000-175,000, bonus 50,000 to packages well above 1m

The range of remuneration for equities analysts is enormous, and especially so in the volatile sector of technology, media and telecoms (TMT).

The biggest factor that make the difference between a package of

130,000 and 1m plus is the type of institution the analyst is working for

and the deal flow it is producing.

This is because the big money in equity analysis comes from bonuses related

to investment banking fees generated in the sector. Take these out of the

equation and what is left is basic salary, plus a secondary bonus of no more

than 100%, related to commissions on equities traded by the house.

The large IPOs, mergers and acquisitions are almost exclusively handled by

the big American and European institutions, so the highest earners are the

top analysts in these banks.

Deal flows have been slower this year, which mean that being a TMT analyst isn't the licence to print money that it seemed 18 months ago. But the market hasn't dried up completely, as the successful Instinet IPO and secondary share sale by Vodafone demonstrate.

Jim Anderson, director at headhunters Longbridge and an equity research specialist, says: "The top flight analysts in front line advisory areas are not seeing a depletion in their bonuses."

Simon Hankey at SHP Associates points out that many of the best people who have moved over the past couple of years were hired on two-year guaranteed packages.

Our panel of headhunters guesstimates that perhaps 50 TMT equity analysts, mostly

media or telecoms specialists, will be earning more than 1m this year.

Back on planet Earth a TMT analyst with couple of years experience, working

in a smaller house, is likely to be in the 100,000 - 200,000 range.

Hiring activity is also slower this year. But Anderson says "I know of of a

handful of organisations keen to employ telecoms analysts quickly."