Six directors sign in to the Tesco Millionaires Club

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The payouts are bound to anger suppliers, especially farmers, who have complained their margins are being squeezed by the all-powerful supermarket groups.

While three directors received more than 1m in salary and bonuses alone, millionaires were made of three others after including gains on share options. Terry Leahy, chief executive, had 1.6m in salary, benefits and bonuses for the year to the end of March, an increase of 37%. His basic salary rose from 648,000 to 771,000, while his annual pension entitlement, to be paid on retirement, increased by 50,000 to 286,000.

David Reid, deputy chairman, saw his pay package rise 27% to 1.3m, including a basic salary of 613,000 and 656,000 in bonuses.