Internet recruitment gains on traditional methods

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The number of job seekers making applications via the internet is soaring, according to the recruitment company, FSS.

&quotBetween 9 and 15 times as many people are now applying for our jobs after seeing them advertised on the internet, compared to a year ago,&quot an FSS spokeswoman said.

FSS uses a number of other job sites, as well as its own, to advertise positions in financial services and accounting. The figures were based on monthly comparisons.

The number of successful job applicants has also risen, but by much less. A total of 26% of candidates who get jobs through FSS now do so after seeing them advertised on the internet, up from 19% a year ago.

Personal referrals remain the main source of successful applicants, with traditional job adverts in newspapers and magazines in second place, the firm said. But the internet was catching up fast.

Kate Tregoning, managing director of FSS, said: &quotThe posting of jobs to websites is quick and easy, which means we can get jobs posted to the relevant sites the same day we receive them.

This makes job search opportunities immediate and accessible to increasingly large numbers of candidates.&quot

FSS said the wide reach of the internet meant that many of the applications it received were from unsuitable candidates. This made efficient filtering systems essential.