Eric Barnett, commercial director

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6.30am: My alarm goes off. Just have time to grab a coffee before driving

to the station.

7.30am: The train pulls in (on time today). Luckily I always get a seat and so

am able to write and respond to emails during the journey to London.

8.15am: Arrive at the office while it is still relatively peaceful. Get some breakfast and read the front pages of the FT. Start planning my day before the daily rush begins.

9am: Weekly group management meeting. This is an opportunity for the senior managers to discuss and air various issues, which can range from general housekeeping to agreeing the recruitment of senior personnel to setting objectives for the group.

It is an important means of keeping abreast of what is going on in all the different functions, as well as group-wide, as we have offices in the Bahamas, Gibraltar, and Guernsey.

10am: Meeting in-house with prospective client. Client relationship managers often ask me to attend such meetings as a representative of senior management. This, in turn, is good for me as I can keep abreast of any potential new business.

The meeting today is with a young entrepreneur who is obviously going to be very successful. It is our job to show him how we can assist him in managing his wealth.

The relationship manager always gives a presentation setting out what services SG Hambros can provide. This then triggers questions from the client to which my colleagues and I respond as openly as possible. Our first contact with a potential client is critical so we need to impress!

11.45am: I receive weekly updates from the product development manager. Today we discuss the progress of our current private equity fund, which is particularly interesting as it offers private investors a chance to invest in a fund that is normally only open to institutional investors.

12.15pm: Pop out for a quick sandwich, which I invariably end up eating back at my desk while checking out shareprices on the Web.

12.45pm: Meeting with Rufus Warner of SG Asset Management at our Exchange House office in the City of London. We are currently looking at ways of working more closely with SG Asset Management and the purpose of today's meeting is to propose a method for doing this.

As part of the Société Générale Group we are constantly looking at internal synergies that we can exploit.

2pm: The budget deadline is early next week so all the senior management are frantically number-crunching and having last minute meetings to iron out any issues. The finalised version will be sent to our head office in Paris and then it is a question of waiting and hoping that they agree with our calculations. Luckily this process only happens once a year!

4.30pm: Brief catch-up with my PA to make sure that all emails are being dealt with and to delegate tasks which greatly reduce the number emails in my inbox. We also check through the induction presentation on the offshore businesses that I give to new joiners every few months, as this is coming up next week.

Figures need to be updated and text amended. The inductions are a good way of meeting new staff who ordinarily I would not see on a day-to-day basis.

5pm: Conference call with our marketing director in the Bahamas. Due to the five-hour time difference we usually talk around this time of day so that he has a chance to settle into the day before he calls me.

Today we talk about the reporting method for the sales figures to ensure that they are consistent groupwide as this is very important as a measure of how we are doing. We also prepare for my forthcoming trip to the Bahamas office, which I try to visit at least once a year.

These trips usually involve meeting members of the front office team as well as introducing any new products ideas and getting feedback from staff. Unfortunately I rarely get the chance to be a tourist in my spare time there as the trips are relatively short and always busy.

6pm: It's time to leave the office to go to the gym which is very conveniently just around the corner. Sometimes I go on my own or invariably there is already somebody from work there. I find it difficult to get there every day but try to go as often as I can.

7pm: After a quick work-out I rush for the train. I usually get a lot of documents to read so I use the journey to look through them and comment. Once in the haven of my car again I put on my favourite music to wind down after a hectic day.

8.15pm: Arrive home to my family. I often play my guitar, much to their disdain. But I find it enjoyable, even if nobody else does!

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