How much am I worth? Client services director, large international investment manager

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A panel of specialist headhunters give their assessment of typical pay packages:

Salary of client services director, large international investment manager: 60,000-120,000 (€84,000-€168,000), bonus 20%-50% of salary

The client services role has expanded substantially over the past decade, as investment funds have become bigger and more complex and clients have become more savvy.

It is essentially a liaison and communication role, gathering information from fund managers, analysts, operations and marketing staff and communicating with clients. In some firms, there is a significant element of marketing, with client services people taking a lead in introducing clients to new products.

Despite the growing profile of the role, client services people are not in the super-league of earners. What they are paid depends largely on experience.

One well-trodden path is from fund management itself into client liaison, says Martin Symon, asset management principal at Alexander Mann, the recruitment firm. "Someone who's been a fairly senior fund manager in the past, who could be in their 40s or 50s, could be on a six-figure package," he says.

The most valuable people, explains Symon, are those who have been around the clock and seen both bear and bull markets.

Other routes to client services include operations, people who move from handling client accounts and executions, or from the other side of the table: investment consultants, who switch sides, and help fund managers communicate effectively with the investment consulting community.

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