Toll of missing US staff gradually emerges

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Institutions are gradually able to release more information on their staff. The latest figures from the office of Rudolph Giuliani, the mayor of New York, suggest that over 4,750 people are missing from the two World Trade Center towers.

ICAP, the interdealer securities brokerage, got all but one of its 675 workers out safely in what one employee called a &quotmiraculous evacuation&quot. ICAP had offices over three floors of one of the World Trade Center's towers that was attacked and subsequently collapsed.

Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, the Wall Street capital markets and corporate finance law firm, also appears to have suffered far less than anticipated for a practice situated high up in one of the World Trade Center twin towers. Although 600 people worked in the office, a preliminary report from the firm said that &quotonly one of our colleagues is clearly unaccounted for&quot, and that &quotthere are only two others we have not yet been able to reach&quot.

Morgan Stanley, which had 3,500 employees in the twin towers of the World Trade Center, said that &quotmiraculously, it appears the vast majority got out safely&quot.

Philip Purcell, chairman and chief executive of Morgan Stanley, said: &quotWe have some missing people we are looking for. We have all efforts trying to track down everyone we know who worked in the building. We don't have final reports, but in most cases, as we have called, we have a very high percentage of employees who got of the building safely.&quot

Morgan Stanley had 2,500 in the south tower and a further 1,000 covering asset management and retail broking from the north tower of the Center. As the search for missing employees continues Morgan Stanley has said that only 40 employees based in the World Trade Center are still missing.

Marsh & McLennan, the world's largest insurance broker which also owns Putnam Investments, has yet to confirm the safety of 700 of its staff working in the building. AON, the insurance and consulting firm, had some 1,100 staff in the building but said the &quotvast majority&quot were safe.

One of the hardest hit by the disaster, however, was the Cantor Fitzgerald brokerage, which fears the loss of its 700 employees who were working on the top floors of One World Trade Center on Tuesday morning. The 303 accounted for were away from the office at the time of the terrorist attacks on New York. Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed and Tradespark had offices and significant operations in Center, and disaster recovery is operating from New Jersey.

Carr Futures, the derivatives trading subsidiary of Crédit Agricole which was based on the 92nd floor of the one of the towers, said that 86 members of staff in the New York office are unaccounted for. The offices housed nearly 150 staff.

Fred Alger Management, a US fund manager, confirmed that 38 out of approximately 55 employees at its New York headquarters in the North Tower remain unaccounted for. This includes David Alger, president of the firm, as well as many research analysts and portfolio managers, said Fred Alger, chairman and founder.

Risk Waters Group was hosting a financial technology conference on the 106th floor of the North Tower on the morning of the attack. The financial publishing group said it is unable to account for 47 delegates and 16 staff from New York and London. It confirmed that 100 delegates had not arrived at the tower at the time of the tragedy and Risk Waters is awaiting information on a further 74 delegates.

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, a specialist securities firm with offices in the 88th and 89th floors of the south tower, said that 69 of its 172 staff in the building are missing, including its head of research and co-chief executive.

Barclays Capital, which has an office at 222 Broadway that is within the periphery of the World Trade Center, said to the best of its knowledge, all of the 1,000 employees based there were successfully evacuated.

Citibank said all employees working in its Seven World Trade Center offices were successfully evacuated on Tuesday, however, four Citibank employees who were visiting customers in the World Trade Center are unaccounted for.