All female hedge fund team launches Boadicea

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Margaret Coughtrie and Niru Devani set up Deco Capital in London with the backing of Minster Trust, a hedge fund incubator owned by Groupama. Minster Trust will sponsor the new fund and allow Deco to operate under its IMRO licence.

As well as identifying the possibility that women may have 'intuitive' advantages compared with male colleagues, Coughtrie and Devani place strong value on the benefits of research and non-consensual thinking.

Coughtrie, a European equity specialist, has worked with La Caisse de Depot in Canada most recently, but met Devani during her time at Allied Dunbar Asset Management. Devani, who most recently worked at Scudder Threadneedle, has 14 years experience in the global fixed income, credit and currency markets.

Boadicea is a European long/short equity hedge fund, with cash enhancing features. The duo believe that their competitive advantage lies in the combination of bond and equity expertise. Long/short investing involves buying and holding stocks a manager favours and selling, without owning, stocks that are overvalued.

Devani said: &quotWe do not have a style bias towards 'growth' or 'value' rather our strategy aims to exploit opportunities in all types of market with strategic and tactical investments.&quot

With more than 30 years combined investment experience between them, Coughtrie and Devani have become one of four hedge funds to have formed joined ventures with Minster Trust.