Chris Beer - managing director of start-up firm supplying project professionals

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0700:My alarm goes off, and after a few minutes to recover, it's time to make the normal breakfast of cereal, toast and tea. I combine getting ready with watching the news before setting off. During the week I stay in town, so I'm fortunate to have an easy 20-minute walk to the office.

I always find the walk across Tower Bridge over the Thames particularly enjoyable, unless of course the rain is driving across on the inevitable breeze.

0830:Arrive at our temporary office in Tower 42. Security has noticeably increased after the horrors of Septmeber 11th and I have my briefcase X-rayed before I get into the lift.

0845:As we have an American parent company, headquartered on the West Coast, the usual routine for Bob Leach (joint managing director) and myself is to check the emails that have arrived overnight and discuss the priorities for the day ahead.

This morning we have a number of congratulatory messages as we have just closed an engagement with a UK client. In addition there is the usual amount of traffic relating to our marketing materials, web-site development and general infrastructure needs.

1000:Meeting with a prospective client in the City. This bank is a long standing client of Resources in the US and Bob and I discuss our services with them. Our feeling is that it has gone well, as we fix a follow-up meeting for a week's time.

1100:Half an hour to make some progress on our UK marketing materials. We are working with a small number of suppliers to develop a UK web site as well as putting together other promotional materials and it's surprising how much time is needed to get these to a stage where we are entirely happy.

1130:Interviewing a potential associate for our finance and accounting service line. Our associates are all qualified and experienced professionals, many of whom are looking to move out of line roles and into project-based work. As our model is unique we spend a good deal of time with candidates to ensure that they are committed to our approach.

The interview goes well. We will progress with the application and carry out background checks and references so that we are ready to make an offer.

1330:Lunch - when I'm not with clients it's a sandwich from Prêt across the road, generally eaten at the desk and interrupted by phone calls and the inevitable email.

1400: Appointment with our lawyers to discuss the legalities over our new office space. They come armed with paperwork and after examining the small print, we sign. Relief quickly turns to excitement as the realisation dawns that we will be moving to our new premises at Houndsditch by the end of the month!

1530:We have a challenging request from a new client, who needs a qualified accountant to work on a 10-month project based in their European shared service centre in the UK, but working with three of their operating divisions in Morocco. As well as speaking French, the ideal associate will need to have sound SAP skills, be comfortable with detailed cleaning of the General Ledgers and be able to spend a fair amount of time in Morocco.

We identify two possible associates and enlist the help of our colleagues in the US to do a further search.

1600:Colleagues in Costa Mesa in California, our US headquarters, are arriving at their desks. The next two or three hours are our best opportunity to move forward on a number of issues. Today the focus is on our voice and data infrastructure. As we prepare to move into our own office space we have to finalise the specifications and purchase orders for a whole array of items, most of which are outside my comfort zone - I know what we need but not how all of it works!

We hold a conference call with our primary supplier and Omar, our director of information services, after which I feel that the project plan is on track and that the specifications meet all our requirements.

1800:Our web-site project is making progress. We now have a better site that we can view and I am keen to get Kelly, our marketing director in the US, to take a look.

1815:Thumbs up from Kelly, so we can now push on and refine the text. We are aiming for a live site within three working days - wonder whether this can be achieved?

We aim to launch the website and send out our first mailer all within a few days so there's lots to do - checking visuals, copy layouts etc. While it's exciting having so many things going on, I'm looking forward to the official launch, moving into our own office space and focussing on building a really great business.

2000:Time to call it a day and head back across Tower Bridge. It's a fine evening and the walk and view along the Thames is very invigorating. When I get home, I put some pasta on the boil. I simultaneously phone home to my wife and she tells me that our two sons, who had both been running for the school, have done very well!

2130:After a hearty meal of 'pasta surprise', I rouse myself to spend an hour or so on my MBA dissertation. I've completed all the taught elements at the University of Warwick, Business School and am determined to submit my dissertation by the end of the year. One thing is for sure - I'm getting a great opportunity to put theory into practice!