Day in the Life: Simon Thomas, chief executive of environmental research firm

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06:30 Get up at home in East Sussex.

07:42 Jump on train with kids who are off to school. Read the Times and FT en-route.

09:00 Arrive in office. Talk through political developments with our research staff and marketing people: Michael Howard, the Conservative Party leader, is laying out his environmental wares in today's papers.

10:30 Head to the City for a meeting with a major investment bank. They're looking for environmental data to add to the model they use to analyse the corporate governance of major global companies. Following scandals like Enron and Parmalat, people have come to realise that how well a company is governed is as important as financial issues. We can offer information on the extent to which a company's operations damage the environment. They felt this would be an interesting development for their corporate governance product.

12:30 Relaxed and interesting lunch with a large fund management client in Spitalfields. Over chicken fajitas and an organic espresso, we discuss the aviation industry and the EU emissions trading scheme. At the moment the aviation industry isn't included in the scheme, which is due to begin in 2005. But I forecast it will be included by 2008. This will have big implications for shares in the industry, particularly for low cost airlines whose product is very sensitive to price. My fund management client agrees.

14:30 Back to the office for a meeting with a large environmental consultancy. We're working on a joint project looking at the impact of climate change on the performance of shares.

16:00 Send out proposals to two fund managers interested in our research offering.

18:45 Arrive home early to watch the football. When it's finished I switch to the news and am pleasantly surprised to have my lunchtime predictions confirmed. They are reporting on a keynote speech made today by Tony Blair on climate change. He said he was going to use the UK's presidency of the EU to promote the inclusion of the aviation industry in the emissions trading scheme from 2008 - spooky.

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