EMBA profile: UBS director, index trading

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Around one year ago, I decided I really needed to do an MBA. I'm a maths graduate, and I work in a very technical field. I was fine, as long as I was only trading. But as I was given more managerial tasks, I became increasingly conscious that I lacked some basic business skills, like marketing and accounting.

I approached my boss and explained my intentions. I was prepared to leave and do a regular full time MBA, but I realized I might not be able to come back into trading once it was over. My boss had done an Executive MBA himself, and saw the potential in a part time course. We both agreed it would be the best thing for me to do.

Making time to study the MBA takes a bit of planning, but is manageable. Every five or six weeks, I spend a week at Insead's campus in Fontainebleau. It helps that I am a team leader: during my absence, I can pass on work to members of my team, and being away only for a week does not require any fundamental change in the work organization. Most of the other people on the course are equally senior.


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