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A. Risk management is a growing field with excellent prospects and the move you want to make is very plausible.

Nonetheless, success will depend on many factors, including unfair ones like your age (it will be easier if you are under 35 and almost impossible if you are over 45). Your determination and ability to market yourself will also play a major role and clearly, your chances will be best in jobs that draw most closely on your previous experience.

Taking an internationally recognised professional qualification, as you are doing, is a good idea, both as a demonstration of your commitment and for the opportunities it may give you to network, join alumni associations or professional bodies.

As with any career change, you are most likely to find a job by networking. There are two reasons for this - one is that many jobs are never advertised and the other is that, without a track record in risk management, you will have a harder time getting interviews or convincing agencies to put you forward. Therefore, the more you can use and extend your personal contacts to meet relevant people, the better.

Finally, it is worth planning a reconnaissance trip to the UK, if possible. Your aim is to do enough homework and networking beforehand so that there are at least three people you can call up and meet as soon as you arrive who you will help you understand the job market better and assess your chances. Relevant recruitment consultants or people working in the area of risk management that you are interested in would be ideal.

Good luck and good networking!

Next week's question: I am about to be made redundant from my firm and have been offered a satisfactory package. I am now being courted by another senior person in the same firm to work for my old boss whom I respected but did not get along with. What are your thoughts on taking the redundancy terms versus staying on and working in a better job but for a difficult boss?

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