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A: It sounds like someone is overselling the hedge fund opportunity to you. It is notoriously difficult (though not impossible) to move from back to front office in investment banking. In hedge funds, it's even harder.

David Durham, MD of Durham Consultants, a headhunter specialising in hedge funds, advises: "I've never heard of that kind of move from back to front office. It used to happen years ago in the 1980s when markets were expanding so rapidly that there was a voracious appetitite for traders. But not any more. Programming back office systems is not an accepted route in to the front office and unless there is something truly exceptional about you and someone senior at the hedge fund decides to take you under their wing, it isn't going to happen."

Our recruitment expert Tony Tucker agrees. When you add in the disappearing MSc offer, the nature of the contract, lower pay and the fact that you are not interested in getting into IT, it starts to look like a complete non-starter, he reckons.

You are probably better off trying to make the best of your current job, letting managers know you are ready for more responsibility, and looking for something more exciting from there.

Next week's question: I am currently applying for IT jobs within the finance industry. However, I suspect that my credit record is not entirely clean, which I understand might bar me from being accepted by institutions such as major banks. I am wondering what sort of things would bar a person from being accepted as a contractor in a bank?


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