NASD launches new compliance courses

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Together with the ICMA (International Capital Markets Association) Centre at the University of Reading, the NASD is offering a new masters degree in capital markets, regulation and compliance.

The degree will be open to recent graduates with a 2.i in their first degree, fluent English, proficiency in quantitative methods, and an interest in pursuing a career in banking compliance. "Compliance is a huge and growing area," says Professor John Board, of Reading University. "There is more and more demand for graduate students to work in the sector."

Alongside the masters degree, the NASD is also running new diploma and certificate courses in capital markets, regulation and compliance. Robert Glauber, chairman and chief executive of the NASD says the diploma is aimed at people already working in the banking who want to improve their knowledge of compliance, while the certificate will focus on bankers who want to improve their knowledge of compliance in emerging markets such as Dubai.

Glauber says the impetus for the new courses came from consultation with 25 investment banks who bemoaned the lack of compliance talent and the absence of a clear career path in the industry.

However, Marnie Woolf, a consultant at recruitment firm the PSD Group, says the mere possession of a masters qualification won't transform your prospects of finding employment. "If you don't already have a career in compliance, a masters in compliance will help. But you'll be kidding yourself if you think it's a golden ticket to a job."

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