Rising Stars: Time to twinkle

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Financial News has published its second annual list of up-and-coming European Capital markets talent. What can appearing on it do for your career?

Not much, according to two senior people who featured on the inaugural list in 2005.

Mike Amey, head of fixed income at Pimco Europe, told us his listing last year earned him a free top from Gieves & Hawkes and a telephone call from a purveyor of luxury yachts. But he said solicitations from headhunters offering new roles didn't rise appreciably, "At the end of the day, if my performance isn't good, appearing on this kind of list makes little difference."

Another 'rising star' from 2005 told us he'd received several calls from people selling private jets after the list's publication, but none from hitherto unknown headhunters trying to entice him with exciting jobs. "It doesn't make much difference being on this kind of list - I know most of the headhunters anyway and they're already aware of what I'm producing."

Junior staff see more of a lift

If you're relatively junior, however, appearing on the Financial News' list may be an altogether different matter. All three of the more junior bankers we called - James Carrick and Charlie Dumas at ABN AMRO and John Bentley at Rothschild, had moved on (we imagine to bigger and better things). Coincidence or not?

One headhunter told us that she personally wouldn't refer to the Financial News list when deciding who target, but confessed that her less knowledgeable peers just might. "It's no bad thing to appear on it - it will increase your market profile, which can be good."

So how can you get onto the list for next year? You'll either need to be nominated, or to put your own name forward (not so difficult). Candidates are then judged according to four criteria: achievements given their age; their mentors; the assets at their disposal; and their potential to reach the top. Time to get twinkling.

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