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Recruitment firm PSD Group has produced its annual salary and bonus survey, the long and short of which is...compliance salaries in investment banks are up 5-10% on last year and 2007 bonuses were the same or slightly higher than in 2006.

The figures are:

Compliance analyst: 1-3 yrs' experience, salary 35k-40k, bonus 5-10%

Compliance associate: 2-5 yrs' experience, salary 40k-50k salary, bonus 10-15%

Compliance manager: 4-7 yrs' experience, 55k-75k salary, 20-30% bonus

Compliance director: 6-10 yrs' experience, salary 80k-120k salary, 40-60% bonus

Global head of compliance: 8+ yrs' experience, 110k-150k salary, 50-75% bonus

The report also conveys that compliance hiring has largely ground to a halt in investment banks and that the anticipated rush of recruitment post-MiFID hasn't happened. Hedge funds, wealth managers and institutional asset managers are still eager to hire compliance types, however.

Click here to see the survey in full.

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