Lunchtime Links: Flip a coin for a hedge fund job

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A US quantitative hedge fund that's advertising for software developers is asking for applicants to toss a coin 50 times, record the sequence of results, and send them in along with their CV and covering letter (Craigslist). It could be a new method of testing applicants' honesty (ValleyWag).

Mizuho opening London commodities trading desk (Bloomberg).

Wall Street had one too many, whispers Bush (New York Times).

All together now: "I'm just a Cityboy, another loaded pretty boy..." (YouTube).

Sell Citigroup, says Goldman (Clusterstock).

"Lehman could bleed to death slowly..." (Bloomberg).

Switzerland: The Red Hot Center of M&A (Deal Journal).

John Paulson's big idea: a hedge fund to recapitalise banks (Bloomberg).

Financial stocks rise wondrously on woeful results (Bloomberg).

No nasties at Macquarie (FT Alphaville).

Shocker: Morgan Stanley shorts HBOS while simultaneously underwriting its rights issue (Independent).

Energy trader SemGroup makes $3.2bn trading loss and is no more (Reuters).

On your bike (Evening Standard).

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