Lunchtime Links: Goldman revenues plummet

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With questions being asked about Goldman's business model, now is not the time for the firm to report plummeting revenues. Unfortunately, it just has: investment banking revenues are down 40% on the same quarter of 2007; sales and trading revenues are down 67%. Third-quarter net income plunged 70%. The future doesn't look good for Goldman bonuses: compensation and benefits are down 51%.

Lehman employees - no job, no severance package, no pay? (YouTube).

How to console a Lehman banker (The Guardian).

"It's over, move on." (FT Alphaville).

Fuld is a goat. Thain is the game winner (The Big Picture).

Lehman Brothers mug $48, 17 bids, only a few hours to go (ebay).

Broker dealers are dead. Goodbye to all that (FT).

The Lehman stock price plunge in glorious technicolour (Alea).

Same for Goldman CDS (<a href="" target="_blank"Alea).

AIG and the instant miracle loan (FT Alphaville).

Central banks pump cash into the market (FT).

Libor goes wild (FT Alphaville).

"We are now unquestionably in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." (The Times).

Do you honestly think you can earn 30% more by changing jobs? (Evening Standard).

Merrill tried selling itself to Goldman first (Wall Street Journal).

Upside-down rainbow caused by freak bank events


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