Lunchtime Links: Jamie Dimon's eureka moment

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You know when you get a hunch that something might not be entirely as it should be - that something large and possibly unpleasant-smelling might be coming your way? Well, it seems Jamie Dimon had such a moment of prescience back in 2006. According to an article in today's edition of Fortune, Dimon interrupted the Rwanda holiday of his head of securitized products with the revelation that he should watch out for sub-prime: "We need to sell a lot of our positions. I've seen it before. This stuff could go up in smoke!"

The article, apparently written with the assistance of the JPMorgan elite, includes numerous other Dimon-related nuggets: he's not very nice ("If you get your feelings hurt, you can't work here. Jamie will apologise, then do the same thing two weeks later. He can't help himself."), and he likes to get "dead cats on the table" (Fortune).

Collins Stewart and Nomura might be interested in relieving Commerzbank of Dresdner K (FT).

Or are DK bankers considering an MBO? (DealBook).

HSBC in the running for Lehman (Financial News).

UK banks have made much heavier use of emergency funds than their US counterparts (naked capitalism)

The rich are getting richer (wealth-bulletin), and they want second homes in France and Italy (wealth-bulletin).

Inflation might make you thin (Clusterstock).

Lazard execs to sell $330m of shares after its stock price rises 29% (Financial News).

But is Lazard's $300m secondary offering a sign of suffering to come? (DealBook).

Another hedge fund bites the dust (FT).

Abu Dhabi goes to Hollywood (FT).

Top SWFs of the world (FT Alphaville).

Police think Foster killed wife, daughter, guinea pigs, himself (Evening Standard).

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