Lunchtime Links: Three cheers for bankers

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If no one else has a great deal of sympathy for the banking community these days, London Mayor Boris Johnson can at least be relied on for some reassuring words. Johnson uses his column in today's Telegraph to extol the virtues of an industry which 'provided a roof over people's heads', contributed 9% to GDP and 'nourished everyone from lawyers to accountants, PR firms, architects, interior designers, builders, taxi drivers and just about everyone else'. Feel better already?

Nomura hiring at least 700 of Lehman's London investment bankers, plus support staff. BarCap trying to poach the best. (The Times)

Lehman's bankers might only get half their pensions. (The Times)

Hedge funds' legal challenge to 8bn transfer out of Lehman pre-sale to Barclays. (Financial News)

See ya, Sallie. (Bloomberg)

"If you get rid of the bonus, then there's basically no point." (New York Times)

Scary words are banned. (Clusterstock)

Chauvinists earn 4.7k a year more than modern men. (Independent)

Pawnbrokers having a ball. (Evening Standard)

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