Lunchtime Links: Please, please don't be pessimistic

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Buck up, stop whinging about global financial crises and inadequate rate cuts, collect yourself, and start trading like a normal person with a book to churn. So says Jean Claude Trichet , president of the European Central Bank, fresh from his internationally coordinated rate cut. "Excessive pessimism is ill advised," he says. Just you remember that.

Who's going to bail out the euro? (Telegraph)

US might copy the UK bailout. (The Times)

One year on from Northern Rock, FSA still looking for a new head of credit risk. (The Times)

UK government may own as much as 30% of biggest banks. (Bloomberg)

Canada has the world's soundest banking system. (Reuters)

US debt clock runs out of figures. (BBC)

Tremble, taxpayers. (FT Alphaville)

"The Chinese government could offer to lend up to $500bn (from its current stock of $1.8bn) to the US government for the rescue of its financial sector." (naked capitalism)

1,100 back-office jobs to go at Deutsche. (Bloomberg)

10 point plan to save the world. (Flickr)

I have noticed an increase in the snarkiness of comments recently.... (naked capitalism)

Bonuses will fall 60%. (The Times)

Writedowns not over @ Merrill. (Clusterstock)

"The opportunities for those who remain will be stronger than ever. Credit Suisse will be among them." (DealBook)

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