Are you working yourself to death?

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Everyone knows that bankers work hard. It's part of the deal: 18 hour days, big payoffs, retire early. But the news last weekend that Gavin Macdonald, head of M&A at Morgan Stanley died at his desk in London aged just 47, is enough to make anyone wonder whether it's worth it.

Our thoughts are with Macdonald's family. They are also with the thousands of others for whom the stress of City life, particularly in the current environment, can take a dangerous toll.

There's nothing to say that Gavin Macdonald died due to stress or overwork, but the fact that he was still in the office late on Friday night is indicative of the long hours worked by many in the industry. Research suggests that people who sleep for fewer than 7.5 hours a night are more prone to heart attacks than those who sleep for 7.5 hours or more.

So next time you're still at your desk at 12am, it's worth asking whether it's really worth it. The answer is probably no. Let us know if you agree below.

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