Lunchtime Links: Big hiring at small boutiques

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Everyone knows that boutiques are doing (relatively) well, given current conditions. Now one has come out and declared its intention to hire some big swinging bankers come the New Year. The boutique in question is Moelis & Co. Keen readers will know that we have already voiced a suspicion that it might be hiring. Kristian Bagger, head of the London office, confirms this is so. Bagger told Financial News that he's already stocked up on juniors and that in 2009 he will be recruiting top bankers who are disaffected with their bonuses and want to "change T-shirts".

Lehman banker launches boutique. (Financial News).

Banks flex debt muscles to win M&A mandates. (Independent).

Eight strategies to pursue if you get laid off in M&A. (Mergers & Inquisitions).

First of 15 hires at UK Financial Investments. (Telegraph).

218 new jobs at the FSA (FT).

Large number of equity traders being cut at Morgan Stanley. (Financial News).

Redundancies at Morgan Stanley and HSBC and Dubai. (Wall Street Journal).

Job cuts at Bayern LB. (Bloomberg).

Banks will cut 30% of people in this downturn. (Financial News).

"We've been looking for the right opportunity to enter the cash equity space in an efficient way for many years." (Financial Times).

New Star falls from the sky. (Financial Times).

Dick Fuld: Insomniac. (NY Magazine).

Social networking for millionaires. (NY Post).

Average family spends 459 pounds a week on bills. (Telegraph).

Everyone wants to join the army. (Telegraph).

Engineering is suddenly sexy. (Business Week).

Shortage of Father Christmas candidates in Germany. (The Times).

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