What happened to Henry?

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After several months of silence on the Henry front, it seems appropriate to open an inquest into his disappearance.

For those of you unfamiliar with Henry, he was a frequent, frequently obnoxious, and almost always contentious contributor to comments at the bottom of our articles.

A typical Henry comment post might be -

"The quality of people in some banks is so awful - people from lower-ranked universities, not as good looking/good background, Lehman bankers could largely come in, take over and do a better job."

Or maybe -

"For god's sake. I get beautiful girls because I'm a banker. So what. I'd much rather have this glorious lifestyle than have to settle for the fat ugly people that waddle the streets of this idiot nation."

Aside from being a fattist, elitist, chauvinist, Henry was also genuinely passionate about banking, hence -

"I find global financial markets a lot more genuinely interesting and exciting than most things. In my spare time I watch Bloomberg/CNBC, I read the financial press, I invest in products."

Some people accused Henry of being a recruiter in disguise, which we doubt. Others accused Henry of working for eFinancialCareers, which he didn't.

Whoever he is, Henry has been out of action since October. So Henry, if you're out there, can you get in touch? Are you still working, but keeping your head down? Or have you been made redundant? Please communicate with us at Editor@eFinancialCareers.com.

Alternatively, if you were really a recruiter all along, please inform us now and put our minds to rest.

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